10 Adorably Cute Talks Happy Couples Indulge In

No one is happy 24 x 7, but everyone tries.I certainly believe that nobody has a fairy tale for a love story.Often, I wonder what people who are in relationship talk about.What do they discuss? Especially those who spend all their time together.Does it ever get awkward?

They don’t have happy talks, if that’s what you think.There is no such thing.It’s not like they sit and discuss rainbows and unicorns.It’s the things and topics they chat that makes them happy.

I did a little research and asked some friends of mine. I came up with this :

#1 THEM.

It’s not enough to tell each other ‘I love you’. Couples discuss about each other’s day. They want to know what the other has been up to. They don’t just wish a good morning and then goodnight at the end of the day.


It’s not about the union of two hearts. It's collision of two worlds. It’s two families coming together. Partners talk about their day, the good that happened and bad, but they also discuss their family.It is about understanding each other.


They feel comfortable enough to discuss what they do during their private time. They don’t hold back or are scared of being too honest. They don’t waste time discussing people when they have other things to talk about.


They discuss what is troubling them. If they had a problem or an issue with something lately, they feel free enough to talk about it. It’s the key to the smiles they wear.

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