10 Bizarre Thoughts Every Women Has On Her Periods

When you feel emotionally weak, sudden mood swings or those giant hunger games happens, congratulation girls, you are on your periods. Periods are gift of God to girls, but trust me those shitty cramps sucks. Holy Christ! Those days are pure hell. Now listing down your miseries here are few real irrational thoughts that have definitely crossed your mind each month. Here we go..


“ What the hell is happening to me?” “Do I have kidney stones?” “Why is my stomach hurting so much?” Okay, FINE! IT’S JUST PERIOD CRAMPS. The stupid cramps brings the hell out of someone. It hurts every time.


"NO! NO! Please don't sneeze. DAMN!!!
Sneezing during period feels like releasing atomic explosion from your vagina or some volcanic explosion happened down, in your pants. GROSS!


Checks, when none is around and relaxes upon no stain. PHEW!!
This is the most common thought, every girl has when she is on her period. STAINS ARE SATAN!

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