10 Bollywood Actresses Who Are Fabulously Single

Who needs a guy when you can be a queen? Guys don’t come with buckets full of happiness, then why have one? These Bollywood leading ladies have proved their point and are slaying out there. People tend to assume that there might be something wrong with you if you are awfully single, but the truth is if you are satisfied and fulfilled on your own there is no need to have an approval stamp from people.

Here is our list of fabulously single Leading ladies of the Indian Cinema.

#2 Ameesha Patel

This 42-year-old fabulously single actress has truly left her impressions on the hearts of people and obviously the Film Industry. Right from Kaho Na Pyaar Hai to Gadar and so many more fantastic films, she has been a wonderful sight.

#3 Sushmita Sen

Our very own Miss Universe also doesn't believe in the idea of marriage to have a happy life. She has left a remarkable impression on the world. Sushmita is a complete package of entertainment in herself. From films to the beauty pageants she has made everybody extremely proud of her.

#4 Tabu

Stunner even at 46, Tabu's acting skills have been always admired by the viewers. Her talent so unique and acting so effortless have won hearts for ages. Her relationship status has been a matter of people's interest for a long time but none of it matters to her, she feels that marital status is just a mere validation from people and being a woman you should feel content with whatever you have and whoever you are.

#5 Ekta Kapoor

She is the reigning queen of Indian Television. Ekta is a powerhouse of talent even at 43. She has a number of hit films and television shows in her basket. She is the Joint Managing Director and Creative Director of Balaji Films. She believes it is her lack of patience and love for her work that keeps her from getting married.

#6 Shamita Shetty

A phenomenal dancer and a commendable actor, this 42-year-old actress believes in taking things easy and is clearly in no rush to find her soulmate.

#7 Tanisha Mukherjee

Being single is apparently working very well for this actress. Tanisha is currently loving this phase of her life and is cherishing each and every moment to its fullest.

#8 Nimrat Kaur

Nimrat has been tagged as the "Unconventional Actress" by many. Not only her acting, but her journey of becoming an actress from a print model has been very inspirational. And as it seems she has a long way to go before settling down with someone.

#9 Katrina Kaif

This face needs no introduction. Katrina has been in limelight for a variety of events and was at one point leading the film industry. She is an English actress who is now working in Hindi films. Despite having not so pleasing reviews from critics, she has established herself in the industry very gracefully. Katrina is a confident young woman and the worries of having a man in her life are of least importance to her.

#10 Sonakshi Sinha

This Dabangg fame is apparently taking on Bollywood with a storm. Starting from being a costume designer, Sinha is one of the most admired faces of the film industry. She has always been very secretive about her life and cleaning the air about her rumoured relationships gets the least of her worries.

#11 Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti is an actress as well a fabulous singer, known for her role in Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl. She has multiple projects coming up this year and is all set to rock on the silver screen. She has worked extremely hard to get where she is today and very certainly her career is her number one priority.

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