10 Essential Bra Hacks Every Girl Must Know

While finding the correct size is the major portion of the fight, low neck areas, falling straps, and jabbing under wires are some of the issues each girl confronts at some time or the other. So, here are some essential bra hacks every girl must know to make her life easier.

#2 Pin your straps together using a bra clip

Instead of buying a racer back bra you can use a bra clip to pin your straps together so that they don't start peeping out from your sleeveless top. A paper clip too can be used for pinning up the straps in case you don't find a bra clip.

#3 Old bra to give you support in your backless dress

Take one of your old bras, chop off the straps, the back section and use the front part of it by sewing it inside a backless dress. This hack works wonders as you don't have to worry about the straps being visible from the back, plus your boobs are getting a good support too.

#4 Stop the straps from falling down

It feels very irritating when you constantly have to keep adjusting your straps to prevent them from falling from your shoulders. To avoid this issue, sew tiny snaps inside your top and get the straps locked inside them so that they stay in place the whole time you are wearing them.

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