10 Female Characters You Should Totally Appreciate For Breaking The Stereotypes

Every time I go out to watch a movie, I return all disappointed. No matter how good the movie was, how superb it was, one line and it all goes into nothingness. That line is something I can never ignore, no matter how hard I try, and it is surely related to the stereotypes that still surround us today. No matter how hard we try to get over it, somethings pulls all the efforts down.

But past 2000s, the trends are slowly changing, and as I say, cinema is the greatest influencer for a very huge audience. Finally, it has started filming women-centric films and if not, they are given bigger and important roles than just being a side chick.

Here is a list of some popular, strong and badass female characters who actually ruled the screen.

#2 Peggy Carter

Though the superhero movies have their own set of female superheroes these days, but most of the movie has a walking by the main character and sooner or later disappearing with very few words to say. But Peggy Carter, who appears alongside Captain America, too has a short role but leaves her imprint both on Captain America's heart and ours. In an era of male domination, she stood in a superior power with boldness and clear aims.

#3 Samantha Jones

She is one of my favorite on this list. I just love how she is totally comfortable talking about her sexual desires and pleasures, and we too should understand that there is nothing wrong in it, you're a human too, and you have needs and equal rights to derive them as much as any man.

#4 Elizabeth Bennet

If you've read the novel by the same name, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE then you'll know more clearly why Elizabeth had made to this list. This character has broken the biggest stereotype or norm set by society for women that is the right to marriage, the right to choose the husband. Written in the 18th century, the character became an inspiration for a lot of girls in all the right ways, you too should be inspired.

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