10 Fun Things You Should Definitely Try With Your BFF

Tired of going to the same old cafe and taking picture of your favorite drink? Or wanna try something rather than lazing around in each other’s couch complaining about life? Well, look no further. Presenting 10 things that you and your BFF should definitely try out that are guaranteed to be super fun.

#2 An Epic Road Trip

Let's face it, this one's quite obvious. Maybe you cannot always grab your keys, forget about your job and find you way off to some country roads but you can surely go on long drives as an alternative. Just cruise down the road with your favorite jam blaring through the speakers with your hair down and your best friend singing along from the shotgun seat. What a dream!

#3 Throw A Surprise Party For Each Other

Not the biggest party of the college semester, just you and your BFF chilling with James Bay or Khalid (however you like it) playing in the background. Make some quick snack and some Rosé maybe? Talk about life and watch as time slows down around you.

#4 Go Out In Coordinating Outfits

Let the world know about your bond and go around the city in coordinating if not matching outfits. Don't forget to click some super adorable pictures. We definitely want to see those.

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