10 Glorious Movies For A Girl’s Night In

Friday nights are no longer meant for going out ladies, so grab onto those crackers and slip into your favourite  pair of jammies. Nothing beats a cozy night in with the girls.

Here are my top ten movie recommendations when it comes to chick flicks and rom coms. Read on!

#1 Mean Girls

It’s a classic, this generation’s must-see movie. And it’s not even because of the perfect cast but because of the brilliant storytelling and humour that we all can relate to. Also can anyone pull of Mean better than Regina George herself?

#2 How To Be Single

Dakota Johnson is one of the New York City lonelyhearts who has grown tired of one-night stands and wants to find a significant other. But the twist in the end just makes it a more grappling and meaningful watch. If you're single or newly single and feeling out of sorts this one's for you!

#3 The Notebook

This evergreen flick is for the romantics. A young, romantic, country boy brought to life by a Ryan Gosling in suspenders and a newsboy cap. And later in the film, a hot kissing scene with a brooding, bearded Ryan in the rain. Makes us wish everyone had a Noah of their own!

#4 Before Sunrise

This one set in Europe is poetry in motion.

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