10 Inspiring Female Fictional Characters Of All Time

In this patriarchal society of ours people have always said that women need a male character to help them out of a situation, but we are here to prove you wrong with 11 inspiring female literary characters. They will prove it to you that they are enough for themselves and sometimes even for others!

#1 Hermione Granger, Harry Potter Series

She showed us that she wasn’t afraid of showing who she was and that she loved studying and being the know-it-all of the class. She inspired me to embrace the nerd in me. She was not only a person with immense but, she was also very brave by heart, she found a group of badass friends and never hesitated to risk her life for them. She showed us that even though school is a very vital part of our lives but, so is friendship and love. She continues to inspire not only children but also adults. After all this time? Always

#2 Hazel Grace, The Fault In Our Stars

Even when she was dealing with cancer, she managed to put up a smile on our faces. At first, she believed that she was a time bomb and no one should be near her but, gradually she opened up to people and found a person who didn’t care about all that and loved her for who she was.

#3 Rose, Titanic

She even though being from the upper caste, never hesitated from talking to people from the lower caste. She spoke to all women everywhere and told them to follow their hearts and their own rules. Even after losing her only support, she did not lose hope and lived her life even after that.

#4 Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter Series

She is someone who has always stood up for what she believes in. she completely embraces her individuality and is not afraid of anyone in this world. She needs no one to confirm her beliefs. You’re just as sane as I am.

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