10 Mighty Facts About Love And Relationship No One Likes To Agree Upon

Relationships are no longer the fairytales that we’d expect to be. The modern day dating scenes make relationships one hell of a roller coaster ride. From the sweet beginnings to harsh endings, dating has made us more cautious of ourselves than we ever were. Unlike movies, the real-life dating is not as easy as it seems, it comes with its own share of highs and lows with a combination of the feeling of vulnerability and hiding your weaknesses. Bye expectations, Welcome reality

Scroll down for some facts that none of us like to admit.

#2 Romance flies away with time

Accept the fact, the love fades with time. Your fondness for your loved one won't be the same a year after as it is now. The trick is to not let it die. A few surprises, little things that make your partner happy should be figured out, to make your better-half as happy and beaming as they are!

#3 Not all relationships are the same

Not the same formula applies to every relationship just as not every fuel makes your car work. Every relationship needs its own unique blend of effort, love and things immeasurable.

#4 Relationships need more love

More love, trust, loyalty, honesty and compatibility is needed to make your relationship work. "Your Love" needs a little more than just ordinary love. Love needs to feel like butterflies in the stomach, like rhythm to a song. Love just needs a bit more of you.

#5 Life is not a movie, neither is your relationship

Your relationship is not going to work like the one in movies does. You won't experience the same kind of drama, the same kind of love, the same kind of happy ending. You gotta work to get that. Be realistic.

#6 Covering up your flaws like a pro

Hiding your flaws even from the person you love isn't the bravest thing you do in a relationship, instead, it is the perfect formula to distant yourself from the person you love. It is like hiding your real side from the only person that is supposed to matter in your world.

#7 Blaming the relationship for random events

Holding your partner or your relationship responsible for very big or small events that take place in your life needs to come to an end. There is no need to blame someone or something for your inefficiencies or incapabilities.

#8 Regret of being in a relationship kicks-in sometimes

You can't be glad about being in a relationship every single day, and there is no shame in accepting this fact. There are moments in which you feel miserable and want everything to end but it is the strength in which you pick yourself up determines the strong foundation of your love.

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