10 Perks Of Having A Curvy Figure You Need To Know Right Now

Weren’t we all “aww-ed” on seeing Kareena Kapoor Khan’s size zero figure in the film Tashan? And yes, we all wanted to have her figure. Of course, we started going to gym and following the fitness regime word by word. But for how long? How can we just say no to all those yummy food and obviously, chocolate! So girl’s do not worry if you are curvy, because curvy is trending this year !!

So ladies, let’s see what really are the perks of having a curvy figure !

#2 C’mon life is too short to be gluten free!

The least thing we should do is to starve ourselves of food just to be fit, and eating salads and vegetables might be very healthy but it is really not that interesting. And the most important answer is it worth it? Our youth won’t stay forever and our mood immediately elevates one we have delicious food. So ladies, don’t restrain yourselves from those finger licking meatballs. Go and eat them.

#3 Makes you look more feminine and attractive

Almost all outfits are also available in plus size apart from the normal sizes. So basically there is nothing to worry! And keep in mind, never wear loose clothes thinking that they will bring in the illusion that you are skinny. Never, ever do that. Always wear right fitting clothes because that will accentuate your curves and will make you look more elegant and feminine. And the absolute fact that Indian attires be it saree, lehenga or salwar looks best on curves.

#4 Boozing is basically your forte!

It has been seen through research that curvy women can hold in their booze for a longer time. Partying or just hanging out with your friends or boyfriend is obviously fun. And chilling with some alcohol is obviously more fun. But think how bad will it become if you become too drunk to be in your senses or you just start puking in the middle of the conversation?! So curvy girls you rock in these case as you can hold in the booze and booze for a longer period of time.

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