10 Reasons Why Chandler Is The Best Boyfriend Ever

If you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan just like I am you must have thought at a point of time how amazing Chandler is as a boyfriend. He may not be an ideal one at that and he may suck at a lot of things but man, is he great? So, here are 10 reasons why every girl needs(and wants) a boyfriend like Chandler.

#2 He is funny

Come on, Could he be any more funny? He is the perfect person to be around with when you are upset. He will make you laugh no matter what. Be it a funny joke or horrible pun. He is super sarcastic and knows how to deal with your mood swings.

#3 He loves animals

He lived with a chuck and a duck. Of course, he will let you keep a dog or a cat(any normal pet) and who doesn’t love animals?

#4 He has got his moves(which are amazing)

Some might not agree with me but, damn we love his moves. He might embarrass you on a dance floor but you don't mind that right?

#5 He loves bubble baths

He will accompany you for a calming bubble bath after a long and tiring day. How many guys do that huh?

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