10 Reasons Why Having A Friend With Benefits Better Than A Relationship

Different people have different thoughts and they look down to their lives differently. Everyone has different perspective and thus for some, relationship means everything whereas for others,dating or having sex is the real deal. Yes, there are some people who all just want to hang out, have sex and enjoy their lives lavishly without any sort of serious commitments and stuffs. Thus, friend with benefits can really be better than an actual relationship in many ways.


The guilty pleasures of having sex with a friend with benefits is just orgasmic. When you are in a relation, you gotta make a romantic environment, cuddle each other, compliment each other and then proceed with something else. But having sex with your FWB partner is just so straight forward and good. No drama, No such cheesy conversion, just get in and get off.


You won't be judged by your FWB partner because you both are revealing the grey side of your personalities and nothing is to be hidden between you both. Just so simple.


There’s no drama – nope, not at all. No interference in each other’s lives. It is completely a no-strings-attached physical relationship with no feed off feelings at all. Its kind of eat,sleep repeat mantra.

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