10 Reasons Why Young Women Prioritize Career Over Relationship

While others are planning their dream wedding, there are girls planning their next task to get the appraisal. Let the truth be told, being a young woman walking into her office with her head held high is far cooler than changing diapers and washing clothes every now and then. Imagine being the controller of your own life, living your life on your own terms and the biggest of all, not being economically dependant on someone else. This is the life most of us want to live. For the reality check ladies, Love will not buy you fancy clothes every weekend.

Where some are finding their true love to complete their lives and be their soulmate, there are these extremely talented young women falling in love with the idea of self-love and success. Afterall, you don’t need someone’s validation to live life on your own terms.

#2 No Explanations.

You don't have to explain each and every act of yours to anyone. You can live your life on your own terms. No questions, no hassles.

#3 You are fully content with yourself

Your relationship with your job and your inner self can be more successful than a relationship with the men out there. And having a sense of contentment fully with yourself is the most satisfactory feeling.

#4 Be the girl, his girl is jealous of

Why settle for something less than you deserve? Be the best version of you for all the haters out there. Radiate your inner sparkle, and be the boss lady you are.

#5 Your girls are your soulmates

Who needs men when you have your girls by your side? Also, avoids the unnecessary drama.

#6 No sacrifices

You don't need to jump off the cliff for anyone. You don't need to kill your desires for those who do the least for you.

#7 You are the boss

You get to control everything instead of someone controlling you. You are the boss, which means you decide your work schedule and also what other people do. Well, who doesn't like all that sparkle?

#8 You decide your success

Your hard work and determination decide your success. Nobody gets to control or alter it. The more you push your limits, the more successful you become. You can rule the world, girl.

#9 You get to decide your vacations

You don't need to depend on others to plan your vacations. Be a free bird.

#10 Men are trash

You are extremely well-versed with this fact. Having a relationship with your work bears more fruits than dating boys. Plus, it reduces the fear of having any problem that isn't for your betterment.

#11 You can sleep without any worries.

No puffy eyes, no teary eyes. This is exactly what you deserve! Sleeping like a baby without any worries or fears of being cheated on and having wonderous dreams.

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