10 Secrets About Girls Every Man Should Know

Yeah, we love chocolates and roses but some of us prefer whiskey and coke over ice cream. Me and my friends talk about how lucky we are to have our respective partners but we’re stalking your ex on Instagram. You may not know it, but the hot shot at the bar just lost to me in the drinking showdown. And my favourite position you asked? It’s the CEO.

#2 We Love It When Our Partner Gets Jealous

Even though sometimes it means us shamelessly adding more drama to the narration to push our partners over the edge.

#3 Girls Night Out Isn’t Really That Innocent

Nah! It's pretty wild. Most nights with the girls end up being a less pronounced bachelorette party, to be very honest. It can sometimes resemble an entire season of Jersey Shore but, in a few hours which leads us to the next point.

#4 Also, My BFFs Probably Know Your Secrets Too

We may not have had a bae every Valentine's Day but, it doesn't stop us from celebrating our Galentine's Day. Therefore, when you tell me something and not expect me to tell it to anybody, you definitely didn't count my gals, right?

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