10 Signs That Prove You Have Found Your Happily Ever After


“Forever is a long time: but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side!”

This is something that we long to hear from our partners. We fall in love and after days of playing hard to get and wooing each other we finally come together! There goes the easy part. Now coming to the hardest part, getting to know each other, having fights and then patch ups and finally learning to accept each other with all the imperfections! But there are times, which makes us question the relationship. So next time when you find yourself questioning your relationship look for these ten signs that prove your relationship is going to last forever:

#1 When You Can’t Stop Touching Each Other

Men usually don’t talk much, but they communicate through touching. When I say ‘touch’ this includes both the sexual and non-sexual ones. The surprise hugs, the playful tickles, the unconscious brushes, holding hands, stealing kisses and even the teasing touches, these are the signs that prove you both enjoy each other’s company. These antics usually are a strong sign of a healthy relationship.

#2 When You Value Communication More Than Anything

Good communication separates a relationship from a long term relationship. Even when you are angry or tired or irritated, you give him the chance to explain things to you and he does the same, that’s a sign that you both truly want the relationship to work. When he shares his problems with you, when you don’t mind talking to each other at odd hours into the night and when you finally realize that not every moment is meant to be filled with words, you can say the relationship is gonna last for a very long time!

#3 When You Take Joint Decisions

Decisions can make and break a relationship. Thus, it’s very important that you consider each other’s opinions before taking a decision. But if that is nothing new for you two and you have become accustomed to taking decisions jointly then congrats dear girl you are already on the way to forever!

#4 When You Are Each Others Best Friend

Falling in love is a wonderful thing. But love is reckless, passionate and fleeting; in the end it’s friendship that solidifies your relationship. If you two cannot be each other’s best friend in the long run then there is no point of getting into a relationship. But if you two are already each other’s partner in crime, pillar of strength and each other’s bestest best friends, then girl you have found yourself a keeper.

#5 When You Are Each Others Source of Happiness

Happiness is an emotion that can never be faked! It seeps through you; you radiate it, in your smiles, smirks and stolen glances. When even the sight of each other plasters a goofy smile on your faces, when a small text from him could light up your whole day, when a sight of you erases all his fatigue, you can count on this relationship for a long-long time!

#6 You Give Each Other Space

Yes, you are in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean you have to be together 24/7. Even though you have promised each other to share everything together, there are times when you like to be with your friends or even enjoy your own company. If you trust each other and have no problem in giving space to your partner, then eternity is not that far away.

#7 When You Love To Surprise Each Other

Who doesn't like surprises? Surprises are an excellent way of maintaining the charm in a relationship. If you love to surprise each other by preparing romantic dinners at home or planning night outs for your other half with their friends or simply spicing up things in the in the bedroom then you are already laying the foundations of a strong relationship.

#8 When Sex Becomes More Than A Physical Act

You may have heard people saying sex is a completely physical thing; it has nothing to do with emotions. I agree to that but when you do with the right person it adds the emotional touch to sex. When you pay attention to the details and think about each other’s pleasure before your own, when you enjoy the build up or rather the foreplay as mush as you enjoy sex and when pillow talk becomes more important than sleep, that’s when you should start planning for a forever!

#9 When You Love Each Others Imperfections

A person can never be perfect. Slowly into a relationship you learn about the bad, worse and ugly imperfections about each other. But when you learn to love those imperfections and in spite of knowing them you decide to stay together that’s when forever becomes possible!

#10 When You Become His Home & He Yours

What is home? It’s a place, which provides you with warmth, comfort, security and happiness. It’s a place where a person can return to, after facing the hardships of life. When you become the person that your partner can always return to, you know your relationship is gonna last forever!

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