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10 Signs That Say He’s Your Lobster!

Well, lobster may seem like one of the most creepiest sea creatures but under those hard shells and not to forget those huge claws, they are the true representatives of love and true soul connection of life. We too are in a constant search for our one and only, someone we can see our possible future with.

These 10 signs tell if you have met your lobster, Ross to your Rachel.

#2 Partner In Crime

Your partner is not just your love interest but also your best friend. He loves to be weird with you and be a part of your craziness. If you are his first priority to hang out and chill with, then he's the one.

#3 Cuddle Buddies

His hugs are the warmest place to be in and comforts you to another level. He likes to pull you close just to kiss your forehead and loves to just lay around with you. This is a sign that its love and not lust.

#4 “I Missed You!”

If his first sentence on seeing you or on text is "I missed you", which he uses more often than "I love you", then trust me, jump on him and hold him tight because HE IS A KEEPER.

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