10 Signs That You’re His Side Chick And Not His Girlfriend

We girls when in love sometimes just do not understand when a guy is serious and when he is not. Our sixth sense might try to warn us but, we ignore it for the happiness we get in that moment with the person. What we don’t realize is that for a moment of pleasure we are risking our futures. So, here are signs through which you can know if he is serious for you.

#1 He refrains from PDA

If you ever try to hold his hand or hug him in public and he moves away, you know it is something to be worried about.

#2 He dodges every photo opportunity

While every other couple nowadays are showing their love on social media, you guys have never put up a photo with each other online. Maybe, he is just afraid of getting caught.

#3 He takes you to distant places

If for every romantic date he takes you to a distant place then maybe he doesn’t want to be seen with you in public.

#4 He buys you gifts to keep you happy

Whenever you try to talk of commitment or your future together, he just breaks away and later tries to win you over by materialistic gifts.

#5 You do not follow each other on social media

It is different to not post pictures of each other like everybody else but it is different if you guys don’t even follow each other and not know what the person is up to.

#6 He prefers to stay indoor with you

If he insists on staying indoors and watching a movie rather than going out every time, maybe he is afraid that he will get caught cheating.

#7 He goes MIA sometimes

He will just suddenly disappear from everywhere including social media for stretches of time and when you ask about it, he questions your loyalty towards him.

#8 He is completely disconnected when you talk to him

He is on his phone or he seems completely disconnected when you are talking about something emotional or something which is important to you.

#9 He is never with you till dawn after a night of intimacy

If he just abruptly leaves you in the middle of the night after getting comfortable, there are very high chances he has a girlfriend and it is not you.

#10 He has nights with you,not mornings

Is it common for you guys to meet more at night than mornings? Does he disappear during the day and only comes back at night? There are many chances that you are just his side kick.

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