10 Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

The most staisfying feeling for any girl in the entire world is plopping down on her couch after a long day and unclasping a bra. No matter how many seamless bras or lacy bralettes be modeled by supermodels very few of us actually have a niche to pick the perfect bra size that feels like second skin and gives you the perfect silhouette. Scroll below to see the signs to know if you’re wearing the bra that your body deserves.

#2 Your band rides up in the back

This weird phenomenon when the band rises up to a weird position and you feel like an awkward hunchback idiot walking around.

#3 You have dents on your shoulders

The moment you take off your bra and feel cheater as your peel off the ruthless straps from your body.

#4 The underwire in your bra pokes you

We've all been through this. Yeah, the cup makes your boobs look real cute and no, I'd rather no look cute than have myself constantly poked and almost killed.

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