10 Small Things Every Girl Over Thinks About

We girls have a nature of evaluating things on a much higher form than it should be. We, most of the times, tend to think subjectively. We mostly do a large portion of the thinking. We consider what to wear, what to do and how to impress our man. But ladies, we have to stop making such efforts and worrying ourselves by overthinking. Here are some extremely small things every girl over thinks about.

#2 ‘Is my bra strap visible?’

Every time you go out, you have to keep on checking from time to time if the bra strap is peeping out from your dress or not. This is a common day to day problem. But it is actually not that a big deal if the bra strap becomes visible from your dress. So stop overthinking about it and being conscious about your dress. After all, your bras cost you a fortune and there is no harm in showing them off sometimes.

#3 ‘Should I reply him back?’

A girl just can't stop worrying about texts. Should I reply him back? Should I reply him instantly or wait for a while? What should be the tone of the reply? These are some of the common things you can't stop thinking about before replying to a guy's texts. So instead of over thinking and over analyzing the situation, just try to be yourself while replying to his texts.

#4 ‘I wish things could have worked out with him’

It's better to experience something new and live in the present rather than pondering over how things could have been if things could have worked out with your ex. So stop lingering over the past and if you think you've still got some feelings for him, make some real efforts and move on.

#5 ‘Am I too fat or too thin?’

It's miserable what number of young ladies go to the fitness center just to impress a guy. Working out is awesome, however, do it for yourself. If someone really likes you then he wouldn't even care if you have somewhat of a butt or your stomach isn't flat. You should be happy with what you are and if you are not content, then start working out for your own satisfaction rather than overthinking about it.

#6 ‘Do I love him as much as he does?’

This is a valid question to ask yourself as to whether you love him as much as he does or if you are ready to commit yourself to him for the rest of your life. But mind you, this question should be asked just once and not continually. Pondering over these will do nothing good but only worsen up things. So find an answer to these questions, make your mind clear and go ahead with the relationship.

#7 ‘When will I meet my soul mate?’

Is it better to stay single than being committed to someone? When will I get to meet my prince charming? All these thoughts always come in your head and cannot stop yourself thinking about it. So it's better to enjoy living the present and stop worrying about your soul mate. You are definitely going to meet him but only when the time comes. So no point worrying about it from now.

#8 ‘Did he catch me checking him out?’

So you were checking a guy out and he caught you doing that and because of this several questions are popping in your head. 'Did he notice me'? 'Is he judging me right now'? Just relax ladies! It's not at all a big deal and there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, if he caught you checking him out, he will get the hint. What say?

#9 ‘Did that guy look at me because he likes me?’

Yes, there might be a chance that he was looking at you because he likes you but it is equally possible that he accidentally happened to glance at you randomly. So instead of having sleepless nights about it and thinking day and night, it's better to wait and watch if he really likes you.

#10 ‘Why isn’t he replying me back?’

You get so impatient when you do not get an immediate reply back from your guy. You start panicking and all sorts of questions keep popping inside your head. But you need to realize that everyone has got a life and rather than assuming things and getting desperate for a reply, it's better to calm down and wait for his reply.

#11 ‘Left eye liner is not same as the right eye liner’

'Are both of my eyelids twinning'? 'Is one thicker than the other'? This question keeps bothering every girl whenever she applies eye liner on her eyelids. Ladies, only you will be able to make out the difference if the liner on both the eyes is not same. Nobody else will be able to figure that out. So better put your energy in something more constructive.

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