10 Struggles That Are True For Every Tall Girl

Being a tall girl has its own troublesome moments. Between being gaped at out in the public and having a tough time in finding the ideal size of pants, tall girls have an extraordinary set of grievances. Here is a list of 10 everyday struggles that are true for every tall girl.

#2 Not being able to wear heels

You just can't wear heels without everyone you know commenting on it. So one fine day when you decide to go out wearing heels, you simply can't avoid people staring at you and watching you stumble like a baby learning to walk.

#3 You are always in the back rows during a photo session

Yaa, just because you are tall you have lost all the rights to stand in the front row during any group photo session. It is an unsaid rule which you have to follow and you simply stand in the back row so that your head doesn't block someone standing behind you.

#4 Shorts are really short

The normal shorts are way too short for you and it becomes extremely difficult to find shorts of socially acceptable length for your height.

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