10 Terrible Things Girls Wish They Didn’t Have To Go Through

From caring about looking presentable to going through all the different sorts of discrimination, we girls often feel how much easier things would have been if only we were men. There are certain things which only we girls have the strength and capability to go through, things about which men certainly have no idea. So, here are 10 most common and terrible things girls wish they didn’t have to go through.

#2 Giving Fake Reactions

Even though we hate giving fake reactions but, most of the times we have to fake being happy and perky even when we don’t feel like it just to avoid being seen as a bitch.

#3 Sex Discrimination Even At Work

You have to work the same amount as the male co-workers in your workplace, sometimes even harder despite the knowledge that you’re being paid, on average, less than the men in the same position.

#4 Regular Waxing Sessions

It's totally acceptable if men go on without shaving for a week but it looks gross if even a tiny little hair becomes visible on a woman's hands or legs. You are always expected to look 'presentable' in the sense that there shouldn't be any sign of hair on your hands, legs, armpits and bikini line.

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