10 Things You Know To Be True If You Grew Up Fighting Over TV

If you have grown up in a house full of people with just one television to watch, you are totally gonna relate to this article. With just one television to watch, the TV used to be the most important topic of all the discussions and debates as everyone wanted to watch their favorite TV show. So here is a list of 10 things you know to be true if you have grown up in a family fighting over TV.

#2 The Fight For The Remote

You always have this fear that someone else might take the remote and then the leftover chances of you getting to watch your show is gone. So the first thing you do is try to conquer the remote so that the TV is all yours, doesn't matter if you have to carry it with you to the loo too.

#3 You Have To Fix A Time When You Get To Watch TV

You have to constantly keep reminding people for the entire day that you need to watch tv at a particular hour and even then when you walk up to the TV, you find people watching their show and not willing to move.

#4 Even After You Get To Watch TV, People Around Won’t Let You

So finally after a long struggle, you get to watch your favorite TV show but, now you are not able to listen to what the characters are speaking because the constant murmuring and chattering from the people around you won't let you focus on what's going on in the show.

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