10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Live With A Roommate

What do Sheldon and Leonard, Blair and Serena, Max and Caroline and Rachel and Monica have in common? Yeah, they’re all roommates. For those of us who do have roommates, we understand how hot and cold  this feeling can be. Somedays you guys cannot stand each others presence, someday you guys cannot seem to end your fangirl saga, somedays you guys cannot think why you’re still living with each other but, at the end of the day, if SOS strikes you know you’re each others hotline bling. Scroll below to some more situations that only you and your roommate can relate to.

#2 She Knows How You Had 3 Dinners In One Night

You know, casually hogging the biryani and then a tub of ice cream and maybe order some pizza?

#3 You Overhear All The Dramatic Phone Calls

It's kinda cool how you can call get a first hand experience of your roommate talking to her ex, talking to the guy she met last night on the pub or even plain family drama without actually eavesdropping.

#4 How Long You Can Live With A Messy Room

The messy room doesn't probably bother either one of you because you only us your unmade bed for the entire day.

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