10 Weird Beauty Trends Of 2017 You’ll Be Glad You Skipped

Like it’s said, “Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence”, 2017 gave us Khalid’s American Teen, Riverdale, The Handmaid’s Tale, Star Wars, Athleisure, metallic nails, holographic cosmetics but it also gave us the trends below which made us appreciate the horizon of creativity but also gave us reasons to bid 2017 farewell. Scroll down to see the bizarre trends that surfaced the beauty community last year.

#1 Neon Lips

Not denying the fact that this is actually attention grabbing but guys, come on.

#2 Fur Nails

Ummm, just no.
If you've tried this, I'll judge you but then again, there's no reason you should care. But, I'll judge you.

#3 Bubble Nails

In this case, there was a really thin line between being really cute for some reason and being strange and this definitely went a little overboard.

#4 Pimple Nails

I am sorry you had to witness this but this this list wouldn't be complete without this gruesome piece of art.

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