11 Celebs Whose Styles Are Absolute Goals

Like the bombshell Heidi Klum says, “As you know in fashion, one day you’re in. And the next day, you’re out.” Fashion is a tough thing to keep up with. It’s dynamic and that too, very fast paced. But, the celebrities below held their head high and cruised through the fashion game like queens. These are some celebrities who’s style is evergreen and who always bring their A-game with them whenever they step out in front of the papparazis and  most probably are critics favourite. So, scroll down to see if your favourite celebrity made the cut.

#2 Jennifer Lawrence

Katniss is as swift with her style as she is with her bow and arrow. Her red carpet looks are so elegant, they're sure to make your jaws drop, every single time.

#3 Kangana Ranaut

Queen on screen and off, she's one with impeccable style in traditional attires, airport outfits but her game changing power suits are the ones to watch out for.

#4 Olivia Culpo

Her Miss USA reign might have been over but 25 year old is still reigning the industry with her gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous (it's not enough) style.

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