11 Life Changing Beauty Tips Supermodels Swear By

What is this supermodel beauty coming from? Bring that glow here guys, we need the magic badly! Even a glow half as that of a supermodel can do miracles on our stressed-acne prone-dull skin. We’ve got your backs for that.

Scroll down for the tips and tricks these supermodels have revealed over the years to get the gorgeous glow you’ve been dreaming for.

#2 Lashes are everything

Chrissy is never wrong and if she swears by glamming up her lashes to achieve a flawless makeup look, you gotta believe her. Eyelash extensions and mascara do their job brilliantly even when you are wearing minimal makeup or don't feel like wearing makeup.

#3 Moisturize all day, everyday

The secret to Joan Smalls' glowy and youthful skin is all about indulging your body in cream. Keeping your skin moisturized all day long helps it look as flawless as ever.

#4 Get rid of that makeup before bed

Always take off your makeup before you go to sleep, says Bella. Wash your face, moisturize and go to bed. This most certainly helps your skin breathe and avoids the zits.

#5 Don’t touch those brows

This definitely cuts off the risk of your eyebrows being shaved, overplucked or unsymmetrical. Don't touch your brows, says Hadid. They are beautiful as they are and naturally compliments your face. The most you should do with them is pluck the extra hair, which is enough to maintain their shape.

#6 No pimple popping

Karlie says, Resist your urge to pop that pimple. If you pop one, three more will show up. Never give up to the temptation of popping your pimple, might turn into a life lesson.

#7 Beauty sleep is a must

Beauty sleep is no joke for Hilary Rhoda. Get enough sleep, around 7-8 hours and rock your day with a wonderful looking skin.

#8 Never touch your face

Kendall swears bu the advice of her elder Kardashian sisters, they say- " Never touch your face, never pick your face, always wash your face and wear eye cream". Take your skincare as seriously as the Kardashians do.

#9 Highlight your way to flawlessness

Sara Sampaio says, "I really love highlighter and when an event pops up I go with even more highlighter than usual". When light hits the areas you've applied highlighter on, your face automatically looks very fresh.

#10 Ice cubes on the face

Well, the secret to Jasmin Tooke's flawless skin is probably lying in your freezer. Ice keeps your pores tight and helps you wake with a good complexion if applied before bed.

#11 Less is more

Less makeup, fewer facials and fewer people touching your face is the ultimate key to look as gorgeous as Gigi. She abides by this mantra always.

#12 Use your hands for perfect makeup application

One thing that Karlie has learned from the world's best makeup artists that she has worked with is- you don't need brushes for your perfect look, instead you are born with the best beauty tools, your hands. Also, by using your hands you can control the amount of pressure that needs to be applied while makeup application on your face.

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