11 Things Only People In Long Distance Relationship Will Relate To

Long distance relationships are avoided by most and are usually frowned upon. But they are not bad as they seem to be. Being in a long distance relationship has it’s own perks. While it annoys to see other couples doing cheesy stuff together, you meeting him after long intervals makes each and every moment spent all the more special. Here are some genuine things you will relate to if you are in a long distance relationship.

#2 Saying ‘Good Bye’ is never easy

Saying 'Good Bye' to your love is the hardest thing imaginable. After a memorable time spent with him, saying goodbye to him and seeing him off is the hardest thing one can imagine of doing. These are the times you start cursing the distance separating you.

#3 But saying ‘Hello’ is the best thing ever

Yes, indeed, saying 'hello' is the best thing ever and is like falling in love all over again. Whenever you meet each other, emotional outbursts are bound to happen and you have no control over that. You literally leap into his arms and do not wish to let go of him.

#4 You get really good at trusting

Good at trusting and understanding are the 2 things which you should probably put in your CV now because long distance relationship is all about trusting and understanding each other.

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