12 Must Have Clothing Items For Every College Girl

It’s normal to imagine yourself looking like an Instagram influencer everyday of college. But, all of us know what reality actually looks like. Most days, you’ll be grateful you made it to the 9AM class without having to settle for your messy bun to cover the fact that you woke up with just 10 minutes to spare. So, here is a list of the staple clothing items that you need to check off so that your outfit reflect the inner girlboss that you are, everyday of the semester.

#2 A Perfect Fitted Jeans

I cannot emphasize enough on how the fit of your jeans can make or break your look. Find the perfect pair that hugs you just right and cups your butt perfectly and I promise you'll never ever want to get rid of it.

#3 A Plaid Shirt

Windy summer, chilly autumn or layering in winters, a plaid shirt will surely add some grunge 90s vibe to the look . This is definitely a super cool staple that is sure to never go out of fashion.

#4 A Trusty Backpack

Meet an ol' friend, the backpack. Sure totes look great but it can never beat the spacious, sturdy and comfortable backpack. Plus, you can pull off a backpack with any outfit.

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