13 Women Who Really Brought Sexy Back In The Most Natural And Simple Way

These women have pushed past all barriers to show off their curvy sexy backs.

Everyone has their own unique shape, size, and build which are all beautiful in their own way. In the past, the fashion industry has been known to step over women who were not the ‘proper’ or ‘appropriate’ size but with a lot of plus-size models speaking up, the industry has begun the tedious process of changing its views.

These women have proudly posed for pictures in which they are confident and happy about what their bodies look like, further encouraging other women to do the same.

These 13 women have proved that fat rolls can be sexy too:

Source – Meaww

#2 13 Charli Howard

She is a model and a body positivity ambassador who was initially fired for her size after she which she wrote an inspiring message to the agents to speak up for women of all sizes.

#4 Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia is an American fashion blogger, model, as well as a fashion designer. She is based out of Orlando, Florida. She designs clothes for many brands such as Elle,, and Lord & Taylor.

#6 11 Lizzo

Melissa Jefferson is also known as Lizzo and she is an American alternative Hip-hop artist who is no stranger to embracing her curves and natural beauty.

#8 Tabria Majors

This curvy beauty used Instagram as a platform to recreate several Victoria’s Secret Ads and she received a lot of encouragement and fans for doing so.

#10 Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence is an English model who is represented by JAG Models and Models 1.

#12 Tara Lynn

This American beauty is from Tacoma, Washington and is best known for her lingerie modeling.

#14 Philomena Kwao

She is a plus-size model who is black and beautiful. Her unique assets make her a key participant when it comes to brands looking for diversity.

#16 Margaret Macpherson

Margaret is represented by Wilhelmina International Inc. and is a gorgeous plus-size model who currently works out of New York.

#18 Sabina Karlsson

This UK model was told that her size 6 did not have a place in the industry and so she decided to work as a plus-size model which helped her achieve success.

#20 Justine Legault

Justine is a New York-based model and calls herself the self-acceptance warrior.

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