These 14 Signs That Indicate He Is A Keeper Not A Player

Has someone special recently made you fall head over heels in love? Are you pretty sure you have chosen the right partner? Each one of us looks for a stable relationship and we want to be with someone who keeps us around for rest of their life. One of the worst scenarios in life: you really fall in love with a man, you want it to escalate into a serious relationship. However, unfortunately, he does not. In reality, he is entirely opposed to it. Today, we bring up for you some of the short sure signs that can help you in differentiating whether you are dating a keeper or a real player:

#1 “He is full of pride of you.”

He is not afraid to tell the whole world that he is with you. He loves to keep you close to him.He walks with you proudly. He doesn't like to hide that you are his girl and he considers you as his ‘PRIDE’.

#2 “You feel welcome and comfortable when you are with his family.”

You never feel out of the place whenever you are with his family. As he helps you to interact with his family members. He helps you to feel like these family members are your’s only.You will feel secure and happy when you are with them.

#3 “He never forgets to bring his wallet.”

He won’t let you pay the bills or say “oh I forgot my wallet, would you mind…..” But of course there is an exemption to this one, a woman can pay the bills sometimes but not to the extent that you seem to like to be a sugar mom.

#4 “He doesn’t play ‘grab-ass’ in public.”

To keep it short he is not that ‘pervert’ sort. He definitely not tries to cross the line and behave somewhat weird while in public and treats you with complete love and admiration.

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