14 Things Men Do Only When They’re Crazy About You

When we start falling for someone, we aren’t very sure if the person for whom we are developing feelings, feel for us in the same way or not. So, if you looking for signs if the person you are falling for has some feelings for you or not, this article is for you. Here we present a list of 14 things men do when they are crazy about you.

#2 He loves you irrespective of how you look

You know he is crazy about you if loves you not only for your looks and appearance but also for the person you are from inside. He doesn't care if you have some stretch marks or some cellulite marks on your body. He loves you for the person you are from inside.

#3 Thinks about what is best for you

He always cares about you and is always there to guide you. He will always think of what is best for you and accordingly guides you.

#4 He accompanies you to your spa sessions

If going to a couple spa or a manicure-pedicure session is something that makes you happy, he will accompany you there without giving any second thoughts.

#5 He takes you out for shopping

Guys hate going shopping, but, if he is willing to take you out for shopping, there is no doubt that he is absolutely crazy about you. He wants to spend more and more time with you and does every possible thing just to see the smile on your face.

#6 Doesn’t notice other women

You will never feel jealous or insecure when you are around him because he doesn't notice other women, not even your hot friends.

#7 He admits his fears in front of you

It's actually a big deal for men to admit their fears and insecurities in front of someone. So if your man admits his fears in front of you, believe me, he is absolutely crazy about you.

#8 He is willing to introduce you to his family

Now that is really a big step for guys. They will only introduce you to his family when he is sure that he is going to settle down with you permanently. So ladies, this is one special moment for you.

#9 He tells you about his plans

He always keeps you in the loop and lets you know about all of his plans without any hesitance. Whether it's a bachelor party or a night out, he always makes you aware of whatever he is doing.

#10 He remembers every little details

He always remembers every little detail of what you said or what you did or what you were wearing. He remembers details of even those stuff whose details even you don't remember now.

#11 He doesn’t mind apologizing

There is no place of ego in a relationship. So, even if it is not his fault, he doesn't mind apologizing to you and says sorry because he doesn't want you to be upset with him.

#12 He prefers you more without makeup

Now, when a guy says that he prefers you more without makeup, that means he really means it and loves your natural look. He doesn't want to see any kind of artificiality on your face and prefers your natural look.

#13 He always stands by you

He always seeks your advice and it is your opinion that matters to him the most. He doesn't care about what others say and values your opinions and advice.

#14 Responds immediately

He will always reply back to your text and that too immediately because he cannot hide his excitement on seeing your text because you are way too special for him.

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