15 Habits Of Women That Are Harmful To Their Health In Long Run

We women tend to take ourselves for granted at times or get too obsessed with our own bodies which sometimes leads to health problems in the future. We also engage in a lot of everyday activities which strain our muscles and hence affect our health. Our bodies go through a lot of hormonal changes and hence, need extra care. So, we have come up with 15 habits which you might think are not bad, but actually are very harmful.


#2 Wearing underwired bra

Problems such as skin irritation and poor blood circulation can be caused if underwired bras are used very often. Also, they should not be very tight.

#3 Wearing the same sanitary napkin for a day

Wearing the same sanitary napkin for more than four to six hours can cause vaginal infections and redness. Bad odour is also one of the problems which comes with it.

#4 Washing private parts with soap

Our private are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies and using soap there can cause unnecessary redness and irritation. The vagina has a self cleansing mechanism and douching is just enough.

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