15 Signs Indicating He Wants To Grow Old With You

Boys find it hard to talk about feelings and emotions. But when they find the right one, they will make life heaven for both.

Most of us dream of a love story like Ellie and Karl in the popular movie UP. If you haven’t seen it, finish the article and grab a bucket of popcorn and a coke, sit yourself down and don’t move till the credits start rolling in. I believe, when a woman realizes she wants to spend the rest of her life with her boyfriend or a guy she knew only for a day, whatever it may be ( we all are different after all), she will confess it and make him feel so special and loved that even if he won a lottery he couldn’t replace the happiness he experiences.

But when a man is ready to turn his princess into his queen, not one day will go by without him making an effort to woo you. He will never take you for granted because he is aware of the cloak of awesomeness you drape yourself in and that there are chances he can lose you. He does not feel threatened because he doubts the love you share, but because he might fail to keep that smile intact.

Girls believe in signs. Here I present to you the list of signs that indicate he wants you to be his one and only for the rest of eternity :

#1 You Know His Plans

You know his plans and better yet, he wants you to be a part of everything. His plans, his day, the stories he will share in the future. He wants you to know that he has his goals set and the biggest one is to keep you happy.

#2 He doesn’t care about your ‘no make up’ look

He looks at you like you are a piece of art. Whenever you come in sight, he smiles. He doesn’t care if you are wearing branded clothes or not, if you are wearing make-up or not, if you prefer sneakers to heels. He just loves you too much to care.

#3 He wants everyone to know about you

His friends, his siblings, the world! He doesn’t feel shy to show you off any time of the day. He wants people to know how lucky he is to have you. You will feel a little blush creep on your cheeks every time he stops the conversation abruptly to tell everyone how much he loves you. He won’t shy away from showing you off.
He will screenshot pictures not only you but even your friends upload. He might tease you and make fun of you when you are alone with him, but he praises you non-stop behind your back. The next time someone tells you all the good things he says about you, don't hesitate to believe them.

#4 Your birthday is the most important day.

You are excited about your birthday but he is hell bent on making it memorable and amazing. He will do all that he can to make you feel special, loved and more than

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