16 Types Of Females You Will Chance Upon At Your College Dorm

Every person should experience dorm/hostel life for once, before stepping into the real world! It’s like a mini version of the world, where life gives you fudges *since I don’t want this article to be flagged* and you learn to turn it into something worthy. It has a class of its own. Nothing can replace the awesomeness of the bonds, crazy deeds, emotional drama and jugadds of hostel life. Apart from all these you get to meet a ton of different people. From the wild child to the cry baby, here are 16 girls you will meet at a college dorm/hostel.

#1 The Girl Everyone Loves

There is only one word that can describe her that is perfection. She is the kind hearted helpful friend who will be there for you in every need. She always has a smile on her face and soft spoken with a friendly attitude. Everybody just loves her.

#2 The BFFs

Remember those school days when we hugged our bestie and promised to go to the same college. Well the BBF girls are the ones who are actually living that promise. Usually from the same city or school these girls are joined at the hip and live in their own happy bubble! They eat together, laugh together and stay together until by Devil’s grace they fall for the same guy! *Evil smirk*

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