5 Unusual Location Of Acne And Their Causes

Acne and adolescence are inter-related. Just when our appearance becomes so important and we want to look at out best,  acne begins. Acne is a skin disease, which becomes a big problem in our teens. Its existence lowers our self-esteem and also leads to anxiety. Moreover it can effect any part of your body and there is no universal cause, either.

Here are the 5  unusual location of acne and their causes.

#2 Acne on Jawline

Acne can affect your jawline which indicates that the cause might be hormonal or unbalanced diet. This can either happen normally or due to excessive sugar consumption

#3 Acne on your Back

Acne can affect you back too, indicating problem either with your nervous system or digestive system. Consult your dermatologist for better help and treatment.

#4 Acne on Chest

There's no good place to have acne, its unpredictable. Chest acne is just one of them, it really affects our wardrobe. Chest acne is result of unbalanced diet, so you need to watch what are you eating!

#5 Acne on Elbows

The elbow is kind of an unusual place to get a pimple, but acne can form anywhere on your body. Pimples, or zits, sprout when dead skin, oil, or dirt traps bacteria inside your skin’s pores, causing the area to swell. Deficiency of vitamin can also be the cause

#6 Acne on Butt

Acne on the buttocks can still be bothersome and painful. Acne bumps on the buttocks are caused by inflammation of hair follicles or due to agitation from clothing. Try to maintain hygiene and use breathable underwear.

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