6 Bizarre Food Combos That Will Shock Your Taste Buds

Food has no boundaries, its the purest form of love :’)

There is no such rule that says you can’t customize your food. Junk foods are found in all shapes and forms, everyone has their own set of customization. For example: Some people like extra spicy panipuri, while some prefer sweet version of panipuri.

Presenting you 6 of the strangest combinations that are actually pretty freaking delicious for the next time you wanna take your food buds out on an adventure

#2 Vodka-Panipuri

This is a deadly combination of our favorite street food and alcohol. If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for?
Go and give your taste buds a surprise! Remember to mix in moderation.

#3 Pop-the-corn with ice cream

This will take you to a sweet and savory heaven. Perfect combination for movie night.

#4 Fries with ice cream

Ice cream is delicious and so are fries. Hence, they are unbelievably delicious together. It'll be a roller-coaster ride for your taste buds.

#5 Cheese with jam

This chemistry of cheese perfectly coordinating with jam to form a sweet-savory bond is just heavenly. Its a life savior for those who are reluctant to cook, just like me! Make sure to grill them on a saucepan for better taste.

#6 Mangoes with chilly powder

We already love unripe mangoes with chilly powder, so why not try ripe ones with chilly powder. Even this union is a blockbuster!

#7 Nutella with dosa

The quintessential south Indian dish can be found in many avatars, schezwan, cheesy, fruity etc, but the best of them is made by spreading nutella on them.

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