6 Common Mistakes While Cooking That Will Spoil Your Food

Kitchen is a place for trail, error and learning. Maybe you love cooking or simply hate it!

There are some common mistakes while cooking that tests our patience and also ruins our food 🙁 . If we keep a check on these minor faults not only our recipe will taste good, we’ll reach ahead in becoming a pro!

Here are 6 common mistakes we commit! 

#2 Tossing food too often

Do not stir your food too often in the pan, it won't develop a nice taste. Let the food rest and develop color and taste

#3 Using expired spices and herbs

Its a myth that they stay forever!
Spice and herbs loose there aroma and freshness, if they are made to sit in your cupboard for too long. Replace them at regular intervals.

#4 Not heating your pan to right temperature

Before adding anything to your pan, it needs to be hot.

#5 Not preparing veggies before cooking

You must have always observed, that chefs on every food shows arrange all the ingredients before they start preparing the recipe. Because if you don't do dicing and chopping before hand, you'll run out of time and ultimately burn the entire recipe

#6 Overcrowding

In order to cook your food properly avoid overfilling of your pan. Everything needs their own space moreover, the more to add food in the pan the temperature is lowered.

#7 Cold meat in hot pan

Putting frozen meat into hot pan is hazardous, it results in splashing of hot oil all over and can result in burns too!
Make sure you thaw frozen meat before cooking.

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