6 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love

You know how a whiff of his aftershave, his smirk or when he’s tilting his head when actually listening to you makes you go weak in the knees? Apparently, we girls aren’t the only ones having a weak spot for the little things. Scroll down to see the things a woman does that melts her mans heart, which would otherwise go unnoticed.

#1 The Hair Stroke

Believe it or not, men go crazy when you run your hands through their hair. Maybe give it a little tug in the end, brownie points for you girl!

#2 The Quick Message

Doesn't always need to like look like it's from an Ed Sheeran song sometimes, just a simple text letting your bae know that you're missing him can make his day.

#3 The Head in the Chest

We all know the male species needs a constant reassurance about their macho-ism and believe me when I say this, a man feels so confident and strong when a girl surrenders herself and rests her head on his chest. And let's admit it, it feels pretty amazing too.

#4 The Social Media Shoutout

Your man loves it when you grab his hand in public or you're proudly introducing him to your friends and what better way to show him off than posting adorable pictures of you guys totally killing the #COUPLEGOALS hashtag. Tag him in a picture with #MCM and you''ll be his #WCW for a long long time.

#5 A Little PDA

A little wink, playfully hitting him, holding hands while walking through a park filled with people, let me tell you, your guy lives for moments like this. It may seem insignificant to a girl but such small gestures truly boosts a guys confidence and the best way a relationship can be built is by building each other.

#6 Just Listening

A good listener isn't easy to find and let's face it, men aren't always one of them but it's the effort that counts, right? Your guy, who listens to you blabbering on about the dress you saw a week ago on sale, how your favorite character from the book you're currently reading got killed and patiently keeps up with all your tantrums and whines really appreciates it when do the same for him (once in a while) because it may seem like men have a grip on their lives but having that special someone who's willing listen to him on rare times of hiccups is the one he truly admires.

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