6 Makeup Essentials Every Girl Must Have

Not every girl is into makeup, but who doesn’t want to look good during special moments like wedding, festivals, date or an interview. For this shaking hands with makeup isn’t a bad idea. We are not talking about heavy makeover with contours, fifty layers of foundation and heavy eye makeup. Minimal makeup and there you go!

Here are those 6 makeup products you must have!

#2 Right Foundation

You must select a perfect shade of foundation that suits your skin tone. Brands like Maybelline, Lo'real, MAC, Bobbi brown offers a wide range of shades for different skin tones.

#3 Concealer

Makeup is an art, where you can rectify your spots for a clear, spotless skin. Concealer, is there to conceal your under eye areas and is more like a corrector. Always choose a oil-free concealer which won't give you an oily look.

#4 Eye shadow palette

Nothing is more captivating, than beautiful eyes. So, why not have an eye-shadow palette which has basic colors, just to make them more mesmerizing.

#5 Eye-liner

Eye-liners are a must have in your beauty kit. There are wide range of eye-liners available from liquid to pen-style. There are color options too, but black liners always rule.

#6 Mascara

Mascara to give perfect volume to your eye-lashes, so that you can flaunt them!

#7 Lipsticks

No makeup is complete without lipsticks, it highlights your whole look. Moreover a lipstick can also tell about your character. There are wide range of colors available from nude ones to super bold. But, there should always be a sexy, rebellious red color lipstick in your vanity.

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