6 Reasons Why Women Leave Men They Love

The relationship doesn’t consider’s of only ‘LOVE’ but it also consider’s of attention, appreciation, trust and respect. Women give their 100% in a relationship. Actually, a woman can’t change a man because she loves him, a man changes himself because he loves her but when she can’t find her partner interested, she simply starts moving on.

So, here are 5 main reasons why women leave Men they love:

#2 When they feel ignored by her partner.

Women expect that their partner keeps them at the top of his priority list. Because no one loves to be ignored. When we love someone, we want that they share their feelings, emotions and every moment of their life with us. It really hurts when our lover ignores us.

#3 When they don’t get their personal space.

People say that in a relationship we don’t have to keep secrets and yes, it is right but personal space is necessary. There is no need for sharing your personal account’s password. ‘Trust’ is necessary for any relationship. Personal space is not all about passwords but there are also other things which women think that their men should understand.

#4 When their partner forces them for sexual intimation.

The sexual intimation is necessary for a relationship but when her partner forces for it she don’t like it. Because she is not ready for it or maybe she is not in a mood whatever be the reason if she doesn’t want to do it her lover don’t have any right to force her for it.

#5 When their partner doesn’t appreciate them.

If our partner doesn’t appreciate our efforts, we start losing our interest in doing it. Because everyone loves appreciation. Women don’t ask for gifts or expensive things for appreciation, your simple ‘Thank you’ or ‘I love you’ is enough for her. But when she can’t find that much of appreciation also, she starts losing interest.

#6 When their partner does flirt with other Girls.

Women don’t like to share her partner. When her partner starts doing flirt with other girls, she felts so bad. If she is complaining about it and then too if he is not listening then the last option remains for her is to leave him. Because after this, she can’t feel that much of importance in her partner’s life.

These are the 6 main reasons why women leave Men they love. Women don’t easily end up their relationship but when she can’t bear these actions anymore, she starts to move on and once she moved on, she will never look back at you.

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