7 Outfit Colors To Match Your Dusky Skin

We desi girls are blessed with dusky tones, it is one of the most beautiful shade!. Colors play a crucial role in whether we look bright and fresh or dull and washed-out, as our skin has warm under-tones which makes pairing different colors bit difficult. We need to choose our colors consciously .But, there are a lot of colors that impart a sexy as well as chic look to our bronze skin.

Here are those 7 colors to and an oomph factor! 

#2 Rebellious Red

Red is every girl's color, it goes perfectly with every tone. Our very own PC is a dusky skin Goddess, she is seen slaying everywhere in red gowns or dresses. Red is a custom color for dusky tones. You can choose any red shade and team up with a bright red lipstick to add an extra oomph factor to your look.

#3 Shimmery Gold

Try experimenting with different shades of gold like shimmery, dull gold or rose gold. I tell you its worth experimenting, with nude makeup and there you go!

#4 Hot Pink!

Its a myth that bright colors look odd on dusty skin. If you think so get updated, bright colors like yellow, hot pink or even neon ones are just mean't for your bronze skin. Try them to leave your own mark!

#5 Cobalt Current

Just like yellow and green, blue has many shades. Deeper shades of blue like royal blue or midnight blue may not suit dark women. But cobalt blue looks bright and chirpy on them.

#6 Mauve it

Mauve is one of the rare colors that looks better on dark complexion.

#7 White Wonders

White is a color that looks beautiful on any complexion. But the contrast of white on dark skin is particularly amazing.You can try off-white or slightly beige whites as well.

#8 Universal black

Black is a color that can look good on absolutely any complexion. But dark skinned women should not wear dirty shades of black. Jet black or shimmering black is ideal for them.

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