7 Possible Signs Of Breast Cancer You Should Never Ignore

There is no hidden truth about the fact that a female body is prone to a number of diseases, maybe twice as much as a male body. It can be because of women dedicating more time looking after others than themselves, from a very early age and pay negligible time to themselves. One such problem and probably the worst one is BREAST CANCER. Though it is treatable at every stage, even when it gets really severe, it is always best to take care and notice every unusual and easily noticeable sign or symptoms so that it can be treated on time.

Here are the easily visible signs of breast cancer that you should totally, never miss.

#2 Persitent Cough Or A Sour Throat

Normal flu or a cough and cold are completely fine if they are followed by a change in weather or due to some external factors that you can blame, but, if there is nothing you can figure to reason it with or if the symptoms are not accompanied with fever or stays more than naturally your body allows than its time to look at it from a different perspective and visit a doctor.

#3 Moles

Moles are natural and are even treated as beauty marks, but if they are exceeding way more than what seems as normal, don't ignore them. It is good to visit a skin doctor but would be equally important to treat it as a possible early symptom of breast cancer. If you see more around your upper chest or neck then there is a 13% more risk.

#4 No Control On Urine

If you feel your urethra is continuously dry or feeling itchy and despite all this, you feel like you have no control on your urine, the frequency is increasing, or worse like leaking even when you laugh or sneeze then it can be a prominent sign of breast cancer.

#5 Extreme Fatigue

I am sure we all have that phase in life when we feel extremely restless and hope to be on our bed for weeks even after doing nothing. But if your phase is not ready to leave at all and instead is growing to all the possible extremities than its time to visit your Gyne and seek their advice.

#6 Back Pain

Back pain is a very common problem, faced by a majority of women and can also be lifelong. But if it is accompanied by any other of the signs then, it can actually be an indicator of a rising breast cancer.

#7 Swelling

The most obvious symptom of breast cancer which every woman should be aware of is the swelling in and around their breast, it can also be in the armpits. We should make the habit of checking our breast every day, to firmly feel it and check its size, because the most visible and certain signs can be seen on the breast itself. If you feel an awkward difference in your boobs then it's like a red alert situation.

#8 Extreme Breast Related Symptoms

Now if you have reached to a level where you see signs like the ones mentioned in the image then you surely have breast cancer and could be on any stage depending upon the severity of the symptom. Don't lose hope or get scared, as I said earlier, everything is treatable and so is breast cancer, just don't delay it anymore and take an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can. I know you can fight it.
Just stay strong!

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