7 Simple Yet Powerful Words That Can Transform Any Relationship

It’s  astounding how much difference just a few words can make. You might find it difficult to believe, but it’s true that a few words or a phrase can utterly transform any relationship.  These words have the power of strengthening and deepening any relationship and if you have had an argument with your partner, it will help the two of you start over making the bond much more stronger than before. That is the power of words.

So if you are willing to strengthen your relationship with your partner, here are a few words you must use which will not only deepen your bonds but will also help you to express your love and feelings to him.

#2 “I’m sorry”

Sometimes people forget the impact the word 'Sorry' can have in any relationship. After an argument is over and things between you and your partner have cooled down, it might be easier to forget things and move on with your day but saying 'sorry' to your partner will make a very big impact on your relationship. Sincerely apologizing to your partner for any sort of hurt feelings will make him realize that you are feeling guilty for what happened and you are taking responsibility that the conflict will not happen again in future.

#3 “Thank You”

People might consider saying 'thank you' to be a formality and often say there's no place of 'sorry' and 'thank you' in a relationship, but, trust me, a heartfelt thank you to your partner will not only cheer them up but also make them realize that you appreciate whatever he is doing for you. A simple 'thank you' in a relationship goes a long way. So next time, your partner does anything for you, make sure you appreciate his efforts by saying a simple, heartfelt 'thank you'.

#4 “It was my fault”

Being egoist or stubborn never works out in a relationship. Nothing is worse than being with someone who is stubborn and never admits that the fault was theirs. Keeping aside all your ego and apologizing for your fault has a long-lasting effects on your relationship. Playing the blame game with your partner never does any good, in fact, looking at things from your partner's point of view instead of just yours always leads to a healthy relationship.

#5 “I can understand”

Saying this phrase, 'I can understand', will not only make your partner realize how lucky he is to have such an understanding person like you, also he will feel blessed to have you in his life. These few words strengthens the mutual understanding you have in the relationship and develops a transparency where both of you can share everything with each other.

#6 “I love you”

Your partner knows that you love him, that's why you both are in a relationship in the first place. But still, it is important to let your partner know how much you love him by saying these three magical words every now then. Even when you are having a busy day or are caught in some work, take some time and tell your partner how much you love them. This works wonders because it makes them realize how much you love them and no matter what is happening around them, they always think of you.

#7 “I Trust You”

Mutual trust is the foundation of any relationship. You know you both trust each other when you don't give any second thoughts before sharing anything in front of each other. When you tell your partner "I trust you", he knows that you believe in him and there is no place for doubts and uncertainties in your relationship.

#8 “I’ll be there for you”

When you are in a relationship, both of you know that you will be with each other in every situation. Still, when you say "I'll be there for you", these words act like a boost for your partner making him realize that he has nothing to fear since he will always be having you beside him as his other half.

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