7 Things That Girls Really Do At Sleepovers

There is an old notion that many fellow believe that girls have pillow fights during sleepovers. Like come on we are in the 21st century and lets be practical. GIRLS DON’T HAVE PILLOW FIGHTS as shown in movies. That’s too dramatic. The real scenario be like girls roaming around in shorts, bra-less just a t-shirt on and a messy tied up bun. Boys may imagine them running around the room wearing lingerie but honey, its too cold for that. There are some real things that girls actually do during sleepovers.


It's kind of impossible that 3-4 girls are in the same room and nobody bitches. They do spend hours judging everyone, laughing loudly at your ex boyfriend's present girlfriend's taste. They go like, "OMG! She is so cute" or "GOSH! Her dress is such a disaster." So basically, girls talk about everything and everyone.


"DAMN! He is so handsome. His body. His eyes. His physique. My hormonal level is definitely going high." Girls generally talk like this during sleepovers. You can always talk with your heart out when you are with your girlfriends. Hot men are juicy gossips.


Many girls might deny the fact of watching porn but they do love watching it secretly or with her friends. Porn is not something filthy, but yes be it boys or girls they like watching it for entertainment. Grab a bucket of popcorn and let your mind fantasize.

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