7 Times Deepika Padukone Proved Herself The Queen Of Bollywood

From Shantipriya to Rani Padmavati, Deepika has always proved herself as the queen of bollywood. She is the jewel of present times and has captured million of hearts through her acting. There was a time when she went through a lot of depression but amidst of all she came back as a fighter and proved her worth. She is the real example of a ‘TRUE NAARI.’ The glamorous actress is continuously giving hits after hits and winning the hearts of young fellows with her beautiful dimple. Not only bollywood, her feet and head both are held high because she is now an international sensation. Several times she made the audience spellbound and proved herself as the ‘QUEEN OF BOLLYWOOD.’


'Om Shanti Om' was the first bollywood film of Deepika Padukone, as an actress. She was found in a retro look opposite to Shah Ruk Khan. Her pretty face, sharp eyes, dimple-smile made the mass fall in love with her. She captured peoples heart as Shantipriya on the big screen.


Deepika completely nailed it as Veronica. That bold avatar suited her personality completely. From being a drunk girl partying around to a irreplaceable friend, Deepika simple slayed it. No one can ignore or deny the fact that she was super stunning.


Naina was THE BEST ROLE EVER! She played the character with beauty and grace. Her character could relate to every ordinary girl out there, who is shy but do have that adventurous and sexy side as well. Deepika is just flawless and all natural.

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