7 Typical Period Related Myths We All Have Fallen For

Periods have so many myths related to it that we can now hardly make people realise all the facts. Indian especially are so obsessed with these myths, that facts hardly make any influence over them. Discrimination against women in their menstruation is not something new, from isolating to torturing them, we do our best to make their life hell. It’s not just about the uneducated, the educated are no less. From packing sanitary napkins in black polybags to criticising their pain, we as a society leave no stone unturned to make girls ashamed of their periods. The need of the hour is to normalise it. PERIODS ARE NATURAL.

#2 Period pain is normal

While cramps and pain during periods are normal to some extent, but excessive pain might need some of your attention. It might be a sign of some severe reproductive issues. Get yourself examined if the pain gets unbearable.

#3 You cannot get pregnant while having periods

PERIODS DO NOT MEAN BIRTH CONTROL. You can get pregnant while being on periods. You might still be ovulating and having your periods at the same time. PEriods don't come with any kind of sureity of not getting you pregnant. Be safe.

#4 PMS is not real

The male population quickly blames any female outburst on PMS, ironically they are the ones that women pretend about mood swings and all the pain, also PMS is a thing of fiction. Well, sadly PMS is backed by science and is due to hormonal changes, so any of your allegations won't work. Better luck next time guys.

#5 Women get crazy when on periods

If you goof around a girl on her period and tease her by calling he crazy, well my friend it's you who is "crazy". Just because she is upset about being in pain does not mean that she is crazy. Fro the fact check, most women don't have mood swings on their period.

#6 Period blood is filthy

It's not the blood but your mindset which is dirty. Unfortunately, it is not just men but women too think of period blood to be filthy. Blood is blood, no matter where it comes from. If you have a proper vaginal hygiene, your blood will remain clean. But if it smells, then you might need an appointment with your doctor.

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