7 Worst Things You Do To Your Skin, Ranked From Bad To Sin Level

One thing that most of us don’t realise is that we are damaging our own skin in every tiny bit of way, by our actions and habits. Even a small mending of action can help in making your skin look better. From stopping to eat those pretty doughnuts to not staring your phone and laptop screens for long, every little thing matters.

Scroll down to have a look at ways in which you are unintentionally harming your skin.

#2 Pimple popping

This is the worst thing you can do for your skin. Popping one pimple means the arrival of three more. This increases the chance of spot formations and scarring all over the face.

#3 Staring at screen for too long

Every screen emits UV lights which adversely damage the skin health and trigger premature ageing. And nobody wants to get older just by scrolling their Instagrams.

#4 Too much sugar intake

Eating too much sugar stiffens the collagen and causes wrinkles. It can even cause inflammation making your acne more aggressive and swollen.

#5 Not sleeping enough

Sleep deprivation increases water loss from your skin and results in increased dryness. It may cause a decrease in growth hormone which repairs our skin cells overnight.

#6 Too much alcohol

Alcohol is a big no-no. It dehydrates your skin and body plus causes redness due to dilating blood vessels. Repeated inflammation may damage the muscle tissue and result in sagging. It might also rob your skin of vitamin A which works for cell renewal and brightness.

#7 Not staying hydrated

If your skin doesn't get enough water you might end up with more fine lines and dry flaky skin and lips. You also become more likely of having breakouts. Dehydration leads you to have a very unhealthy complexion.

#8 Tanning

Tanning tops the list! Sun is bad and so are artificial lights, the only difference being that you don't feel your skin burning in the latter. The UV light damages your skin in the worst way possible by causing wrinkles, sagging, ageing, spots and even increasing the risks of melanoma.

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