8 Life Lessons Solo Travelling Taught Me That School Did Not

The idea of being alone terrifies us. We are born social beings and we enjoy the herd mentality. Most often this behavior can be self-destructive. A very famous quote by the infamous poet Charles Bukowski goes like, “People empty me, I have to get away to refill”.

To know your own true self is rather essential. To venture out of the familiar, easy, comfortable and into the wild..

#1 Self-dependence can be euphoria

We depend on our parents, friends, significant others financially and emotionally. Our happiness is ever so linked to other people that we barely ever look out for ourselves. Always a perfect fit playing the role of the ideal homemaker, bread earner or the prodigy kid. Nothing tastes better than the whiff of self reliance. It allows you to think independently and make decisions without judgement.

#2 Discovering the mystery that is “YOU”

We travel to lose ourselves to the unknown, to get away from our own chaotic thoughts, from the hustle bustle that surrounds it. To our disbelief, unravelling the hidden corners of the world alone only leads to self discoveries. It helps you to look within and be comfortable with your mind. Afterall, peace, solidarity and happiness that we want to seek outside of ourselves are the very things that lie within us.

#3 Meeting people from all walks of life

It is truly refreshing to click with people. Finding somebody that resembles your wavelength can be exhilarating. But imagine meeting somebody outside of your cushy bubble, somebody of another origin whose values and beliefs might not resonate with yours and yet finding their company comforting and soulful. Nothing broadens your mindset more than meeting and interacting with people across the globe. This is the only way you can touch the entire world without ever travelling it.

#4 There is no time like NOW

Travelling makes you realise how precious and delicate the little moments are. Ever so fleeting is life and understanding the importance of a moment while you live it makes you realise the beauty of it all. Trivialities of life overstep us and we continue to live the wrong way. But sometimes stepping out can lead to mind boggling realisations. One such revelation is that this life is so short, why do we worry?

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