8 Photos That Prove Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Are The Best Desi-Hollywood Crossover

Love it or leave it but there’s no denying that Piggy Chops and the last of the Jo Bros hearttrob Nick Jonas make one powerhouse of a couple. As much as it breaks our teenage heart, but Nick Jonas is now off the market. They kept their relationship really private and have opened up about it very recently and now, they’re engaged and we cannot keep calm. Scroll below to see the best Bollywood-Hollywood crossover ever and we wish nothing but the best for them.

#2 Ralph Lauren Is Their Cupid

Not just anybody has Ralph Lauren as their cupid but that's Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, so I guess that's pretty basic. Also for all the memes, joke's on you people because Piggy Chops did actually 'meet' her 'gala' man right there. He loved her despite that meme-worthy outfit so I guess he's a keeper, right?

#3 They’ll Probably Live In Some Far Off Planet

Because, both of them are out of this world (I'm sorry for being so cheezy) and they're too hot together to not contribute to the Global Warming. Let's face it, Delhites should just write an open letter asking them to move out from Earth because Delhi heat is getting terrible anyways.

#4 Their Street Style Is Pretty Dope

See, the heat the emit makes them wear white airy clothes as well. Kidding. But seriously, how gorgeous are they in coordinating outfits?

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