8 Places Every Girl Loves To Be Kissed By Her Man

When you fall in love and you can’t keep your hands off of your partner, the pure way to showcase those emotions will be a single kiss at the right time and at the right place. Especially us girls love to be showered with kisses not just our lips but every other body parts crave for those touches. Here is a list of those places where your lips should travel.

#2 A Lip To Lip Kiss

There is no better way to tell a person that you love them than a kiss on their lips. The flow of emotions and the urgency of desire makes it pure and wild at the same time. This kiss has the power to take a girl to moon and back. So guys don't forget to embrace her lips as many times as she lets you.

#3 A Kiss On Hand

Treat me like a princess and kiss me on the hands, is a dream of every girl. It makes the man her knight in shining armor, the one who will protect her forever and always. It is a way of telling her that you have put your heart in her hands.

#4 Cheeky Kisses

Kiss the blush on her cheeks they are red because of you. This is the most innocent type of kiss. Even though it can be done to anyone but it sure does makes a girl happy when her guy comes and kisses her cheeks.

#5 Bite My Ears

Want some heat in your romance, Kiss her ears, slowly and then bite them lightly, It will make her ecstatic and wanting for more. This is one of the kisses to give rise to her inner demons. Go try it.

#6 Your Lips, My Neck.

There is no girl, I repeat, no girl who does not love the kisses on the neck. It has the power to send goose pimples all over her body and her heart pumping at a frantic pace.

#7 Pecks On Breasts.

Balancing between the cute and sexy, the kisses on a girl's breast makes you closer to her heart and not only in a literal sense. Well, to be fair it's more of a treat to you but if we are listing then yes this will definitely be a place every girl likes to be kissed.

#8 Butterfly On Tummy.

Well, heard of butterflies in the stomach, these kisses makes the whole zoo go tango in the pit of her belly. It makes her anticipate your next move and makes her crave for more.

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